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More News from NECC: Knowledge Adventure Launches Math Blaster—Master the Basics

Posted Jul 6, 2005
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Knowledge Adventure has announced the expansion of its signature Math Blaster academic software series with the release of Math Blaster—Master the Basics. The new school program gives teachers an engaging way to help students achieve math confidence and improve math scores through standards-correlated practice and play, according to the announcement.

Geared to students ages six-12, the software supports educational objectives by way of a creative, Imaginary universe that must be saved. Using intuitive math games incorporating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fact families, and equivalents, students receive—at their own pace—instruction through thousands of practice problems in order to master everyday math skills, increase problem-solving and mental math abilities, and boost math confidence.

As a supplemental curriculum solution to existing classroom textbooks, the Math Blaster content is correlated to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) standards as well as to individual state standards. It also provides automatic progress tracking for each student so teachers can provide additional instruction to help students gain mastery of specific concepts.

Source: Knowledge Adventure,

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