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More News from NECC: Educational Insights Adds Features to Classroom Jeopardy!

Posted Jul 6, 2005
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Educational Insights has added features to its Classroom Jeopardy! game. A new base unit and the Classroom Jeopardy! Link make it easier to incorporate Jeopardy game play into teaching and review, according to the announcement. Games can be more easily created with the Classroom Jeopardy! Editor software and downloaded to the cartridges via the Jeopardy! Link.

The new Classroom Jeopardy! consists of all components needed to write, save, and play games, including the Classroom Jeopardy! Link, Classroom Jeopardy! Editor game creation software, three wireless Player Remotes, one wireless Host Remote, an electronic Scoreboard with three erasable name cards, wireless antenna, power adapter and cords, a guide, and a pre-programmed game cartridge with five sampler games plus extra storage space for creating custom games.

Educators can join the free site at to download games. Educators who uploads games to the site can win a free cartridge.

The Editor software enables users—teachers and students—to see the total number of category and clue/response cells in a game round, and provides point-and-click navigation for editing. Using the peripheral device Jeopardy! Link, educators download the new game to a Classroom Jeopardy! cartridge. The cartridge plugs into the back of the Classroom Jeopardy! scoreboard and the game is ready to begin.

The new version of Classroom Jeopardy! retails for $499.99. Educators who wish to upgrade original Classroom Jeopardy packages by adding the Classroom Jeopardy! Link can do so by purchasing the unit as sold separately for $79.99. Also available for purchase are pre-programmed cartridges in the areas of elementary and middle school language arts, science, mathematics, and social studies.

Source: Educational Insights, Inc.,

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