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Mobiliya Edvelop Launches Virtual Bag to Provide Offline Access to Books for Students

Posted Oct 23, 2015
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Mobiliya Edvelop, a digital classroom platform, has launched a virtual bag feature on its LMS platform. The virtual bag is intended to replace the school bags that the children carry to school on their shoulders and gives access to curriculum text books on the Mobiliya Edvelop platform. The virtual bag allows the student to access textbooks and bookmark, annotate, highlight and doodle over the text books. The students can also make side notes on each page.

Mobiliya Edvelop offers all its tools in one unified dashboard -- virtual classrooms, tests, assignments, discussion board among several others. Mobiliya Edvelop blends learning features such as live lectures, assignments, tests, report cards and library, making it a comprehensive learning platform.

The virtual bag feature of Mobiliya Edvelop offers key benefits to all the stakeholders -- students, teachers and content publishers.

Benefits for Students:

· Access to curriculum textbooks on device of their choice.

· Can weekly reveal new content even in an offline mode -- a puzzle or a crossword can be activated each Monday by the teacher.

· Students no longer need to bear the weight of heavy school bags stuffed with text books and note books.

· Works in an offline mode, wherein, the content is encrypted and stored on the device. Thus, even with no internet access, students can access all the content from anywhere anytime.

Benefits for Teachers:

· Highlight-Annotate-Share feature allows teachers to instantly make and share notes for every chapter/section.

· Teachers can also attach additional reference materials (text/video/PPTs) with every chapter and share with students, making learning much more interactive and engaging.

· Allows uniformity of content and reduces redundancy or duplication of work. Teachers can share same content across schools and locations.

Benefits for Content Publishers:

· Be it a tablet, smartphone, laptop or a desktop, Mobiliya Edvelop offers a uniform user experience and functionalities, making it a device agnostic proposition.

· Since the books are encrypted, there is no threat of any copyright infringement or violation.

· Any change in syllabus would allow publishers to simply edit the books by adding/deleting chapters instead of re-publishing the books all over again, saving huge costs and resources.

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