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MindPlay Announces New Web-Based Differentiated Reading Curriculum

Posted Feb 8, 2012
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MindPlay, Inc. has announced a new curriculum for grades K-12 reading, MindPlay Virtual Reading Coach (MVRC). MindPlay's MVRC is designed to help students improve their reading skills measurably in 30 hours or less by differentiating instruction for each student with the precision of a reading specialist and enabling them to work at their own pace.

Delivered over the internet, MVRC helps teachers provide direct instruction by providing virtual human reading specialists and speech pathologists that students can see and hear through video. MVRC provides instruction in six essential reading components, including the five identified by the National Reading Panel:  Phonemic Awareness, Phonics, Vocabulary, Grammar and Meaning, Comprehension and Fluency. Expected to ship this spring, the program is aligned to the Common Core Standards for English Language Arts.

Accurately assessing reading skills, diagnosing specific problems, and delivering direct and differentiated reading instruction in a classroom with students of widely varying abilities is a highly complex and time-consuming process for teachers. MVRC automates this process and enables all students, not just those who are struggling, to receive direct instruction that targets their specific and unique barriers to fluent reading. The research-based program applies expert teaching methods. It assesses each student's reading abilities with a complete diagnostic exam, and instantly provides prescribed sequences of lessons and activities. In addition to the basic six reading components, the MindPlay diagnostic mode also tests the tracking ability of students' eyes, which is a necessary skill for reading fluency, and assigns them to "Practical Eye Tracking" (PET) activities designed to increase their tracking speed and ability to read multiple lines at a time. This feature can also catch some vision problems, alerting teachers immediately if a student might need eye glasses to correct vision before beginning the curriculum.

Assessment is embedded into MVRC. The program requires students to master each concept at 100 percent before they move to the next concept, to ensure they do not miss any building blocks.  This builds the concrete foundation students need for learning additional concepts and becoming fluent readers. The program addresses students' different styles by presenting each concept multiple ways. MVRC includes more than 20 levels of instruction, when needed, and over 40 practice activities per skill or concept.

Six different virtual coaches and three certified speech pathologists guide students throughout the program and provide individualized feedback based on student performance.  There are 62 phonics lessons and 60 grammar, meaning and writing lessons. Students receive a Text Lexile score for reading passages and can read from more than 1,000 stories.

MVRC collects and records all data in a central reporting system in real time. The program provides reports at district, school, classroom and student levels. It continuously monitors student progress. Teachers and administrators can customize and export the reports they need to evaluate student progress.

MVRC is expected to ship this spring.

Source: MindPlay, Inc.,

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