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MindPlay Announces New, More Comprehensive Version of RAPS

Posted Jul 11, 2008
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MindPlay has announced a new, more comprehensive version of its computerized Reading Analysis & Prescription System, RAPS. RAPS 360 facilitates quicker and more effective diagnosis of K-10 reading gaps, according to the announcement.


RAPS 360 helps teachers gauge a student’s ability to read and comprehend grade level passages and then further diagnoses reading skills based on the determined proficiency levels. The program establishes a baseline for each skill area and continually measures student progress via an adaptive algorithm. Its series of diagnostic tests follows a two-pronged approach, both starting with a comprehensive screening assessment that determines the reading comprehension level.


Teachers can use the results to group students for targeted intervention or to customize the tests by grade level or functional ability. In addition, the program automatically develops an individualized learning plan that can be used to fill gaps with MindPlay’s My Reading Coach and FLRT – a fluent reading trainer, including recommendations on how to help students meet targeted goals as appropriate. The program reports on student performance within an entire district, a school, a class, and at the individual level and so is a useful tool for tracking adequate yearly progress. The reports include graphics and tables for easier comprehension.


Source: MindPlay,

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