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MindPlay Announces Fluent Reading Trainer

Posted Nov 12, 2007
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MindPlay has announced Fluent Reading Trainer (FLRT), a program that works to increase reading speed while ensuring comprehension in any student who can decode. Designed as the next step to reading success for students who have used MindPlay’s My Reading Coach, or for any student who has mastered decoding, Fluent Reading Trainer helps increase reading speed while improving fluency, enhancing visual memory, and building silent reading skills and comprehension.

The program works by having students read stories. Teachers either hand-select these stories by category or have them presented at random. Accompanying questions test comprehension. Single line reading improves eye-tracking and reading speed. Multi-line activity translates newly acquired reading speed to a full page of text. Throughout, the reading passages focus on sight word activity to improve automaticity of high frequency words embedded in stories. The program also aims to keep students challenged while reading at their own pace by providing assignments that are individualized to match each student’s unique abilities.

Fluent Reading Trainer can be used with beginning readers, struggling readers, average readers and English Language Learners alike. It can be used for classroom instruction or as remedial help. The program contains an expandable library of 500 content-rich authentic stories from grade levels 0.5 to 12.0 with 10 to 16 questions that correspond with each reading selection. Each passage is designed to be read in six minutes or less, allowing most students to complete three stories in a class period.

FLRT also provides teachers and administrators with management and tracking. Reports are available on student or class performance and success by question type, improvement statistics from baseline/initial testing date to current date, effective words-per-minute rate by individual student or for the entire class, and sight/high-frequency words for students who are struggling. Reports are available in PDF format so they are email-able to parents or they can be printed out in color or grayscale for improved data visualization.

Fluent Reading Trainer comes in multiple formats including a networked version or Internet hosted by MindPlay. Costs start at $350 per workstation for the networked version or $250 for 5-9 connections of the internet version. FLRT is available on any recent web browser with Flash Player 9 or later. Volume discount pricing is available.

Source: MindPlay,

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