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MindLaunch Debuts "Intelligent Educator Match" to Custom-Match Students with Online Teachers

Posted Jan 9, 2015
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MindLaunch, an online education company, has announced its newly-redesigned website featuring "Intelligent Educator Match (IEM)." MindLaunch students of all ages now have the ability to quickly and easily select the kind of online teacher who best suits their needs and personality, and then be automatically matched and scheduled to begin a quality learning experience in any subject.

Designed by MindLaunch, the Intelligent Educator Match (IEM) algorithm is the centerpiece of the website experience that provides a complete educational support platform for students including K-8, high school, college, adult, and corporate.

Students begin the customized learning process by accessing an online questionnaire on the MindLaunch website, and entering the attributes that fit their learning style, preferences, and desired subjects and teacher credentials. For example, a student may specify his or her request for a female math teacher who has taught Algebra 2 and is available on Saturdays. The MindLaunch Intelligent Educator Match (IEM) algorithm analyzes the student's specifications and presents a selection of U.S.-licensed and experienced teachers who are certified in their subject areas. Students can then click on the teacher profile, see his or her availability, and then register and pay on the MindLaunch website for the number of online sessions with the teacher they chose. The student can even schedule multiple sessions with the same teacher or can even buy a package of sessions for a lower rate. The MindLaunch system automatically schedules the class in an interactive virtual classroom, and then sends a confirmation to the student showing the subject, teacher, dates, and login information.

MindLaunch only employs vetted U.S.-licensed teachers. Its online classes are conducted in a virtual classroom equipped with two-way video and audio, plus interactive whiteboards and real-time lessons for a high-quality, secure and immersive learning experience. Students ranging from K-8, high school, college and adults can choose from a wide range of classes including all grade levels of math, science, history/social studies, English, foreign languages, AP classes, college entrance exams, college preparation, and corporate skills.

Source: MindLaunch,

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