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MetaMetrics Launches New Measure of Student Writing Ability

Posted Sep 12, 2007
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MetaMetrics Inc . has announced the launch of The Lexile Framework for Writing <>. Joining the Lexile Framework for Reading and The Quantile Framework for Mathematics, The Lexile Framework for Writing enables educators to measure and monitor growth in student writing ability on a common developmental scale over time and across the curriculum, the announcement states.

The Lexile Framework for Writing expresses student writing ability on the same Lexile <> scale as reading ability, providing educators with a consistent and straightforward method to monitor growth in both reading and writing and to reinforce the importance of reading in the development of writing skills. A Lexile writer measure is an estimate of a student's ability to express language in writing, based on factors related to semantic complexity, or the level of words used, and syntactic sophistication, or how the words are written into sentences. A student's Lexile writer measure typically is lower than his or her Lexile reader measure, as students tend to comprehend text at a higher Lexile level than they can produce written text. Like Lexile reader measures and Quantile measures, students will receive Lexile writer measures from standardized tests and other assessment tools.

MetaMetrics Inc. develops scientifically based measures of student achievement that link assessment with instruction. In addition to licensing Lexiles and Quantiles to state departments of education, testing and instructional companies, and publishers, MetaMetrics delivers professional development, resource measurement, and customized consulting services.

Source: MetaMetrics Inc.,

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