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Merit Software Integrates Text-To-Speech Technology Into Reading, Grammar, and Vocabulary Instruction

Posted Feb 3, 2006
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Merit Software has announced the addition of a voice component, called the Merit Text Talker, to all its reading, grammar, and vocabulary improvement programs. With the Merit Text Talker, all of the passages, questions, answers, tips, and explanations students view on the screen can be spoken aloud.

Text-to-speech functionality is now seamlessly integrated into the software. With two clicks, students can cause text to be spoken aloud without additional windows opening or closing. They may repeat words and phrases as often as they choose, and from wherever they wish within the context of Merit's skill-building exercises.

Words are highlighted in synchrony with their enunciation, providing emphasis and helping students follow the text. The company provides two high-quality North American voices, or users may install their own regional voice into the Merit Text Talker.

Merit expects that including text-to-speech will be beneficial to a wide variety of students, including but not limited to English language learners, people with dyslexia, and remedial readers.

The Merit Text Talker is included with the installation CD-ROM for all 1-Station, 5-Station, 10-Station, and Site License networkable versions of Merit reading, vocabulary, and grammar programs. Home versions purchased on a CD-ROM also include the Merit Text Talker. The Merit Text Talker may be purchased separately for Home versions sold by download.

To see how the Merit Text Talker works, visit

Source: Merit Software,

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