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Mentoring Minds Announces 'Motivation Reading'

Posted Mar 5, 2013
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Mentoring Minds has announced "Motivation Reading," a resource that integrates critical and creative thinking, engages students in rigorous and relevant learning experiences and builds higher levels of reading ability, according to the announcement. Mentoring Minds' team of education professionals brings more than a decade of experience developing affordable, effective learning tools that help children think critically to this new edition of "Motivation Reading," built from the ground up to align to the Common Core.

The "Motivation Reading" Student Edition includes 25 reading units in literary and informational text genres, such as journals, letters and biographies. Designed to support the higher order thinking skills delineated in the Common Core, each unit is composed of a reading passage, multiple choice questions, critical thinking questions, a journal entry, a creative thinking activity and homework as well as suggested parent activities.

The teacher edition provides in-depth explanations of all the components of the student edition and is packed with instructional strategies that promote reading comprehension and reinforce instruction. In addition to completely unpacking the aligned Common Core standard, each unit provides teachers with correlations to both Depth of Knowledge and Revised Bloom's Taxonomy. All 25 units have a vocabulary focus as well as suggested assessments and intervention activities.

Source: Mentoring Minds,

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