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McGraw-Hill Education Releases New Version of Building Blocks Supplemental Math Program

Posted Mar 18, 2015
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McGraw-Hill Education has launched a new version of Building Blocks, a supplemental math program that uses personalized lessons and research-based learning paths to improve student math skills and confidence through games and adaptive learning technology. The new version includes 50 percent more games, increased support through Grade 8 based on Common Core and state standards, and iPad accessibility.

Based on more than a decade of research, Building Blocks has been shown to drive learning gains in math skills. The program was developed by and reflects the research of distinguished authors, Doug Clements and Julie Sarama. As a complementary solution for mathematics intervention and early childhood education programs, Building Blocks tailors instruction based on each student's unique understanding and learning trajectory. Students play a series of games based on their abilities or as assigned by the teacher, and progress automatically through the program once they master each math concept.

If a student struggles to understand a particular concept, Building Blocks will deliver content and games designed to improve his or her fundamental understanding through targeted remediation and feedback. This allows students to develop the necessary math skills at their own pace, aligning the learning experience with students' natural development.

The Building Blocks software update includes several new capabilities and features:

  • Expanded Support through Grade 8: While the previous version of Building Blocks supported students in Pre-K through Grade 6, the newest iteration supports students up to Grade 8.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: With access to comprehensive reporting on Common Core standards and learning trajectories, teachers, parents and administrators gain actionable insights on student performance and improvement areas.

  • More Activities: The updated version of Building Blocks features approximately 50 percent more activities, with 215 games and 56 drills. New activities cover topics including fractions, decimals, algebra and geometric measurement.

The software update also features a comprehensive and easy-to-use teacher management system that allows teachers to create assignments and benchmark student progress against the designated learning trajectories or Common Core standards. This provides teachers with deeper insights into student comprehension, which improves learning outcomes.

Building Blocks comes standard with McGraw-Hill Education's PreK-8 math intervention product, Number Worlds, or as a standalone product. Compatible with iPad and other devices, Building Blocks is now available for purchase.

Source: McGraw-Hill Education,

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