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McGraw-Hill Education Launches ONboard Series for Advanced Placement

Posted Apr 17, 2012
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McGraw-Hill Education has announced the launch of the ONboard Series for  Advanced Placement, an all-digital learning solution designed to improve students' performance in AP classes and on exams by developing the skills they need to succeed before they enter the course.

Developed with input from an AP Expert Advisory panel, which consists of experienced AP teachers, workshop leaders and College Board consultants, ONboard is a robust, research-based program that is appropriate for students taking AP courses and for all students as an introduction or review of core topics. The program is available to schools via subscription and can also be purchased for individual student use. Seven courses are available:

  • AP* Biology
  • AP* Economics
  • AP* Environmental Science
  • AP* Psychology
  • AP* United States Government and Politics
  • AP* United States History
  • AP* World History

Each ONboard course includes a series of interactive online modules that provide students with multiple ways to master content and improve preparedness. With its modular format, ONboard allows students to learn at their own pace and revisit challenging topics and concepts as needed to prepare them to make relevant content connections to their AP coursework. The program is designed so that teachers and school districts can assign modules during the summer to give motivated students the opportunity to complete work independently prior to the start of their AP course.

The seven ONboard courses can be accessed on any Flash-enabled device. All courses will be iOS compatible by fall of 2013.

For more information, visit:

Source: McGraw-Hill Education,

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