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McGraw-Hill Education Launches New Version of Everyday Mathematics Program

Posted Oct 8, 2014
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McGraw-Hill Education has announced the launch of Everyday Mathematics 4, an alternative core program that can be fully implemented digitally. Developed by the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project in partnership with McGraw-Hill Education, Everyday Mathematics 4 continues to transform math education through its research-proven approach that adds innovative digital learning tools to foster students' lifelong mathematical success, according to the announcement. The new version of Everyday Mathematics, engineered for new education standards designed to promote college and career readiness, is available for Grades K-2 now and will be available for Grades 3-6 beginning in Fall 2015.

McGraw-Hill Education's Everyday Mathematics 4 at a glance:

Everyday Mathematics 4 is grounded in extensive research into how children learn and the approaches that engage them most effectively in the classroom. Among the approaches on which the program is most closely based is "distributed practice," a technique that involves repeated exposures to key ideas in different contexts over time. The program's signature spiral curriculum uses distributed practice to help students build depth of knowledge and achieve long-term mastery of concepts and skills.

McGraw-Hill Education's new ConnectED Teacher Center includes a powerful, new digital evaluation tool that allows teachers to easily track student performance and record their observations on actual learning moments in the classroom, all of which provides data that is automatically compiled into customizable reports helping teachers more precisely track progress toward mastery and plan for differentiation.

Based on the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project's decades of classroom research, Everyday Mathematics seeks to inspire positive change in math education, while keeping teachers firmly at the center of all learning. McGraw-Hill Education's Everyday Mathematics 4 builds directly on this legacy, providing teachers with the tools and support they need to prepare students for the rigor of modern college and career readiness standards. The thoroughly field-tested program features ongoing assessments of students' mastery of content as well as reports illustrating how well students understand specific materials throughout the year.

For more information about McGraw-Hill Education's Everyday Mathematics, visit

Source: McGraw-Hill Education,

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