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McGraw-Hill Digital Learning Launches Yearly ProgressPro Reading/Language Arts

Posted May 9, 2005
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McGraw-Hill Digital Learning has announced the release of Yearly ProgressPro Reading/Language Arts for Grades 1-8, an assessment, reporting, and tutorial system based on the same scientific methodology as its Yearly ProgressPro Math. According to the announcement, Yearly ProgressPro Reading/Language Arts fulfills educators' need for effective ongoing progress monitoring and data-driven instruction to support student achievement.

Yearly ProgressPro Reading/Language Arts comprises two types of online assessments, which can be administered to classrooms each week. The Reading Maze is a timed assessment consisting of weekly leveled reading passages for grades 1-8 that serve as effective indicators of overall reading ability, fluency, decoding, and comprehension skills. The weekly Language Arts assessments consist of items tied to specific skills and standards. These items diagnose strengths and weaknesses in areas such as decoding, vocabulary, spelling, and comprehension.

Yearly ProgressPro Reading/Language Arts and Yearly ProgressPro Math combine ongoing formative assessment with prescriptive instruction and a reporting system. Launched in 2003 by McGraw-Hill Digital Learning, Yearly ProgressPro is an online progress monitoring system built on 25 years of research in the scientific methodology of Curriculum Based Measurement (CBM). CBM continually assesses mastery across the curriculum during the year to measure progress plus knowledge retention and skills over time, according to the announcement. Yearly ProgressPro helps administrators and teachers track Adequate Yearly Progress, a key component of the No Child Left Behind legislation, the announcement states.

For more information, visit and click "Product Tour."

Source: McGraw-Hill Digital Learning,,

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