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Internet @ Schools Announces New Features in Maps101

Posted Sep 8, 2011
Bookmark and Share has announced new interactive features in Maps101, enabling students to see who makes up the population of their local area, or compare and contrast major cities, counties and states.

The Bing Maps launch with nine data layers covering all 50 states. Users can compare up to 4 layers or locations at any one time, using the color coded legend to compare and contrast. The maps also include full Bing functionality, meaning that using the built in layer transparency settings, teachers and students can pinpoint specific places or geographic features on the map which may help to interpret the data. For example, a highly populated area could be related to its location close to a water source or transport link.

The development comes as a result of consultations between subscribers and Maps101's content development team. "Census data can provide relevance to students in history, geography, civics, and earth science among others. Our teachers wanted a visual tool that would enable them to quickly and simply display the information to the class," said Rob Burns, Marketing Director for the group, who publish Maps101.

"This serves to strengthen our cross-curricular functionality and adds yet more value to a Maps101 subscription," he continued. More data layers covering data such as income and home ownership are set to be added.  "This type of tool adds relevance and meaning to benchmark data that students are hearing about every day in the news media."

Maps101 subscribers can access the census maps from the home page using their school or district login. Free trials are also available for educators from the siteClick here to watch a video demo.

Maps101 is an online, subscription-based resource for multiple subjects. Content includes maps, videos, lesson plans, educational games, and atlases for use in History, Earth Science, Geography, Languages and more. Teachers, students and parents of subscriber schools receive unlimited access from any internet connected computer.


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