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Maplesoft Releases Maple T.A. 6

Posted Apr 6, 2010
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Maplesoft, a publisher of software products for technical education and research, has announced the release of Maple T.A. 6, the next version of its testing and assessment tool. Maple T.A. 6 enables significant levels of integration with course management systems, as well as internationalization tools and increased performance, offering a smooth, streamlined experience for instructors and students working in these environments, the announcement states. Maple T.A. is an easy-to-use web-based system for creating tests and assignments, and automatically assessing student responses and performance.

The new product includes a connector to the Moodle open-source course management system, which lets users access Maple T.A. directly from their Moodle courses. A new web services application programming interface (API) provides tools to allow an institution to integrate Maple T.A. with virtually any course management system, including custom-built solutions. In addition, the Maple T.A. Connector for Blackboard Software has been updated to work with Maple T.A.6.

Maple T.A. 6, in addition to international language support for question content available in earlier versions, now provides a translatable interface so that menus, messages, help, and other text seen by instructors and students can appear in the local language. No programming knowledge is required to create or configure the translation.

The new release also provides significant increases in performance when large amounts of data are involved, and more flexible and efficient tools for managing question content.

Source: Maplesoft,

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