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Maple T.A. 7 and Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 Now Available

Posted Jan 7, 2011
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Maplesoft has announced the release of new versions of its testing and assessment tools.  Version 7 of Maple T.A.  and the Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite provide new options for analyzing grades and gaining an understanding of how students are performing.

The new analysis capabilities in Maple T.A. 7 include tools that let instructors view all responses to a single question at once to look for patterns, track progress towards the final grade based on an instructor-defined grading scheme, and incorporate and analyze results from external assignments. Maple T.A. 7 also introduces new palettes that make enable students to enter integrals, derivatives, and matrices in natural mathematical notation, which allows instructors to offer a wide variety of questions even to students who are not comfortable with commands and syntax.

Maple T.A. MAA Placement Test Suite 7 is powered by Maple T.A. 7, so all the new results analysis capabilities in Maple T.A. 7 are also available to Placement Test Suite 7 customers.  In particular, for those who customize their placement tests, Maple T.A. provides new statistical measurements that can be used to ensure a high quality placement test in which success on individual questions has a high correlation to success on the overall test.

Maplesoft's core technology is an advanced symbolic computation engine, which is the foundation for all of its products, including Maple, the technical computing and documentation environment; MapleSim, the high-performance, multi-domain modeling and simulation tool for physical systems; and Maple T.A., a web-based system for creating and assessing online tests and assignments.

Source: Maplesoft,

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