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MMIS Xtra News: Internet@Schools East 2009 Conference Advance Program Now Available

Posted Jan 5, 2009
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Internet at Schools East 2009 is happening next March 30 and 31 in Arlington, Virginia. The program will share Lee Rainie as keynote speaker with the concurrent and co-located Computers in Libraries conference, and will feature Johanna Riddle, Sheila Gersh, Art Wolinsky, and a host of other speakers. The Advance Program is now available online.

Here's what we're saying about it at the conference website: 

OMG!! You’re a K-12 library media specialist! In this age of the participatory, "content creationary," interactive, 2.0 Internet and all that it offers educators and students! And in the ongoing era of NCLB mandates, shrinking budgets, mushrooming lists of curriculum standards … not to mention all the new literacies — from information, to visual, to technology, to online social literacy — to teach to your students. So many tools and techniques to know! So many requirements to meet! How can you keep up? Easy!! Join us at Internet@Schools East 2009. You’ll be well served and stoked with ideas to take back to your school and media center.

Internet@Schools East 2009 is sponsored by MultiMedia & Internet@Schools magazine. Attendees of this two-day conference can also participate in the co-located Computers in Libraries conference at a reduced rate and take maximum advantage of the Computers in Libraries Exhibit Hall.

Click HERE to link to a pdf of the whole I@SE 2009 AdvanceProgram.

Source: Us right here at MMIS!

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