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MIND Institute Announces New Algebra Readiness Software to Address Low Success Rate in Algebra I Classes

Posted Jun 25, 2007
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At the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC), the non-profit education researcher and software developer MIND Institute has announced a new software title to prepare struggling middle school students for success in algebra. ST Math: Algebra Readiness expands MIND’s line of research-based mathematics software for elementary students into the middle school level and will ship for back-to-school time. This supplemental program was developed in response to the national crisis of students failing algebra in middle schools and inspired by the recent call from California for a new core course in Algebra Readiness. ST Math: Algebra Readiness supports the Algebra Readiness concept, which covers a tightly focused set of foundational and targeted math skills to ensure that even students far below grade level get fully prepared to succeed in Algebra I, according to the announcement.

ST Math: Algebra Readiness, for students requiring math intervention in grades 6 and above, applies MIND’s patented Spatial Temporal (ST) computer exercises to help meet this need. The courseware provides a visual learning path for pre-algebra skills from a basic level of math facts up through introductory algebraic equations. The program can be used to either prepare students before they enter an Algebra I class, or as an intervention to help students already struggling with algebra.

The program helps each student build an arithmetic foundation through language-independent visualization of math concepts that facilitates both self-paced instruction and solid understanding and retention of concepts. The game metaphor of the instructional activities engages students regardless of initial math proficiency, and provides a gradual increase in problem difficulty, from simple confidence-inspiring levels up to challenging multi-step problem-solving. Students progress at their own rate, advancing to the next level or game only after they master each skill. ST Math: Algebra Readiness can be used to supplement any core Algebra Readiness, Pre-Algebra, or Algebra 1 curriculum. As with all of MIND’s ST Math products, there are virtually no prerequisites required for success with the games, which are designed to ensure all students in a class can make connections to their regular classroom instruction. The program also includes Internet-based teacher reports for tracking and reporting of student progress.

The ST Math: Algebra Readiness software will be available nationally this fall in a hybrid Power Macintosh and Windows format. The program includes the software, a printed teacher resource guide, professional development for teachers, and access to daily student status reports over the Internet. The program will be offered to schools as either a perpetual license or on a subscription basis. The subscription price is about $89 per individual student license or $120 per concurrent user license, inclusive of training and support. Perpetual site licensing is also offered.

Source: MIND Institute,

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