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Lexia Reading’s Strategies for Older Students Now Available for iPad

Posted Sep 13, 2013
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Lexia Learning has launched “Lexia Strategies for Older Students” for iPad, available as part of the latest version of the Lexia Reading App. The app provides multi-sensory learning for remedial students in grades 6 and above, helping them develop their foundational reading skills through an age-appropriate interface with a range of content that keeps older students engaged.

Lexia Strategies for Older Students is available at the Apple app store as part of the Lexia Reading App, which also includes the research-proven Lexia Early Reading and Lexia Primary Reading programs for grades K–4. To access the app, users must have an active Lexia license.

When students first log in, they are automatically placed at the proper level and work at their own pace in a mature, focused learning interface to develop their foundational reading skills. If a student begins to struggle in any skill activity, the program provides scaffolding, simplifying the task so that the student can practice that skill with additional support. Once he demonstrates proficiency in this practice environment, the student returns to the standard task to continue in the program.

While students are working independently in the online activities, Lexia’s embedded assessment system, Assessment Without Testing, provides educators with actionable, diagnostic performance data without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Assessment Without Testing identifies and prioritizes students for small group or individual instruction, providing teachers and intervention specialists with targeted instructional strategies and structured lessons, including the minutes-per-week each student needs to spend using the program in order to meet expectations on grade-level assessments. This lowers expenditures on assessments and, according to a national survey, Lexia saves teachers up to a month of instructional time. In addition, real-time, online access on a browser, iPad app, or iPhone app provides administrator and educators with data at the student, class, grade, school, and district levels.

Source: Lexia Learning,

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