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Lexia Learning Expands Scripted Instruction and Offline Practice Tools

Posted Feb 3, 2010
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Lexia Learning Systems has expanded its offering of "Lexia Lessons" and "Lexia Skill Builders" as a part of its Lexia Reading program. The program includes targeted practice, embedded assessment, scripted lesson plans, and offline practice to help students at all reading levels achieve proficiency.

Lexia Reading features a focused and intensive method for helping students maximize learning time for key reading skills, while providing educators with ongoing assessment and dynamic data to continually make decisions for differentiated instruction, according to the announcement. The program offers age-appropriate support for students with three levels of targeted support: Early Reading (pre-K and kindergarten), Primary Reading (grades 1-4), and Strategies for Older Students (grades 4-12).

Lexia Lessons provide teachers with scripted lesson plans to support students who are struggling with specific skills. Using Lexia's reports, teachers can easily identify students' areas of weakness and use the targeted instructional strategies of Lexia Lessons to help students master concepts. Recently expanded to include support for Early Reading as well as Primary Reading, there are now 21 sets of Lexia Lessons available to support students in key skill development areas.

Lexia Skill Builders offer students an opportunity to develop reading skills using offline practice sheets. Lexia now provides 39 sets of Skill Builder activities for Primary Reading and Strategies for Older Students. In total, this provides teachers hundreds of print-based activities including word hunts, matching games, and writing practice to supplement instruction and skill development in class or outside the classroom.

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