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Lexia Introduces Lexia Reading Core5 for Mastery of Common Core Skills through Grade 5

Posted Sep 25, 2012
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Lexia Learning has introduced Lexia Reading Core5, a technology-based reading program developed specifically to meet the Common Core State Standards. When it becomes available in 2013, the program will provide structured, sequential, scaffolded instruction in the five areas of reading for students of all abilities in grades pre-K-5. Built upon Lexia's research-proven methodology, Lexia Reading Core5 is the most comprehensive reading skills software available, according to the announcement.

Lexia Reading Core5 is a technology-based reading program with supporting printed instructional materials that provides all students-from emerging readers to on-level and advanced students-the explicit instruction needed to accelerate mastery of skills. Students work independently, at their own pace on activities based on the Common Core State Standards. If a student struggles with the task, he or she is presented with a scaffolded approach to the skill. If the student continues to struggle, he or she receives skill-specific, direct instruction in the software, and if necessary, explicit, teacher-led instruction using Lexia's scripted lesson materials. This personalized approach to skill development enables at-risk students to close the gap more quickly, and enables on-level or advanced students to continue to progress with limited support from their teacher.

As students work in the program, Lexia's proprietary Assessment Without Testing technology gathers norm-referenced performance data-without stopping the flow of instruction to administer a test-and adjusts each student's learning path accordingly. Teachers and administrators receive real-time reports on individual student progress toward mastery of Common Core State Standards, as well as student-specific action plans to provide intervention and improve performance on year-end assessments.

Lexia's research, upon which Lexia Reading Core5 is based, has been nationally recognized and proven effective in seven peer-reviewed, research-based outcomes studies published in scientific journals such as The Journal of Reading Research and the Bilingual Research Journal, the announcement states.

Lexia Reading Core5 will be available via browser and on the iPad in July 2013. Existing Lexia Reading customers (prior to May 31, 2013) will be automatically transitioned to the new product at their current subscription rate.

Source: Lexia Learning,

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