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Internet @ Schools’s EasyTech Earns ISTE Seal of Alignment for NETS-S 2007

Posted Jan 2, 2009
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EasyTech, a K-8 technology literacy curriculum by, has been awarded the ISTE Seal of Alignment by the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The Seal assures educators that a product or resource is in alignment with ISTE’s National Educational Technology Standards (NETS), refreshed in 2007 to emphasize 21st century skills. Nearly all states use NETS for Students (NETS-S) in their curriculum planning and assessment.

EasyTech provides teachers with a model to integrate 21st century skills into their core curriculum, while also providing self-paced, interactive tutorials that engage students in activities they find relevant and fun. Students feel a sense of accomplishment as they exercise critical thinking skills to authentically apply what they are learning, according to the announcement.

EasyTech’s research-based instructional design, coupled with guided practice and immediate feedback, means students gain technology skills more effectively than merely following steps through a rote exercise or lesson, the announcement states. For example, they understand how and why to apply technology skills to real-world challenges by

    * creating pie charts in spreadsheets to understand fractions of a whole,
    * organizing data in a table or line graph to identify trends or test a hypothesis,
    * outlining a writing assignment using visual mapping software, and
    * applying their understanding of social and ethical implications to their Internet use.

In its report, ISTE wrote that EasyTech "clearly supports implementation of the ISTE National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S 2007) in a specific, carefully reviewed and documented manner." Additionally, the report said, "the materials on the whole were very well written and provided excellent opportunities for learning in the context of technology."

EasyTech is delivered through’s management system that lets teachers plan and deliver technology-rich instruction and evaluate and report student progress toward technology literacy goals at the district, school, class and student levels. Because it is web-delivered, provides seamless updates to EasyTech’s content, including a recently added "Communicating Online" unit that helps students develop their communication and collaboration skills while learning about tools such as blogs and podcasts, as well as updates that added information about portable data storage devices.


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