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Internet @ Schools Partners with Districts to Help Test Technology Skills

Posted Oct 28, 2005
Bookmark and Share has announced partnerships with key school districts across the country as they pilot TechLiteracy Assessment, its online authentic assessment of the technology proficiency of elementary and middle school students. The pilot programs are designed to help districts demonstrate that both state and national education technology standards are being met. Along with the national mandate stating that every student should be technologically literate by the eighth grade, many states have also aggressively adopted and implemented their own technology standards. is currently partnering with districts in New Jersey, Florida, Texas, Alabama, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Arizona to deploy TechLiteracy Assessment to a wide sample of students in a beta program.

TechLiteracy Assessment has already received the International Society for Technology in Education's National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S) Seal of Alignment for its relevance to technology standards. With leveled items for grades 3-5 and 6-8, assessments cover the full range of technology tools used in modern classroom settings, and can be completed within a 50-minute class period, the announcement states.

The beta program will include a comprehensive analysis of item-level data and the setting of passing standards. Standards setting will include the definition of technology literacy at the elementary and middle school levels.

TechLiteracy Assessment will be available to all U.S. districts starting in spring 2006. Preliminary pricing for TechLiteracy Assessment is $5 per student per school year.

For more information on TechLiteracy Assessment, visit


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