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Internet @ Schools Launches Curriculum to Teach Online Safety and Communication Skills

Posted Feb 7, 2008
Bookmark and Share has announced the launch of Communicating Online, a new unit within EasyTech, its Web-delivered technology literacy curriculum. The new unit’s lessons and activities help middle school students learn how to use today’s online communication tools while developing their communication and collaboration skills.


The Communicating Online unit directly addresses issues of online safety and develops students’ digital citizenship and information fluency, including how to evaluate, analyze, and ethically use information. The unit covers:

• Instant messaging

• Blogs

• Podcasts

• Community sites

• Mapping technology

• Information validity

• Internet safety

• Ethical use of information


Because EasyTech is Web-delivered,’s customers automatically and immediately have access to this new content, allowing teachers to immediately incorporate this new curriculum into their instructional planning.


As with all EasyTech content, the unit features a digital coach that guides and encourages students. In this unit, Lukas, a guitar-wielding musician, takes students across the globe to internationally acclaimed music festivals. Along the way he creates a blog and podcasts, and learns about global mapping tools to learn about where he is and help him navigate to his next destination. Students work with Lukas to perform the skills they are learning within engaging language arts, math, science, and social studies curriculum.


This unit also helps students strengthen their skills in listening, researching, critical analysis, global awareness, problem-solving, and creativity, as they work within EasyTech’s safe environment to create their own projects.


EasyTech is built upon a research foundation that integrates what is understood about how students learn within technology-delivered curriculum. Its self-paced, interactive tutorials engage students in creating activities that are relevant to them. Its smart instructional design, coupled with guided practice and immediate feedback, means students gain technology skills more effectively, and grasp how and why technology applies to their world, according to the announcement.


EasyTech is also aligned with ISTE NETS, state, and core curriculum standards.



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