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Internet @ Schools Announces Aha!Science Supplemental Curriculum Solution

Posted Mar 12, 2009
Bookmark and Share has announced its newest web-delivered supplemental curriculum, Aha!Science for grades 3-5, with broad instruction and exploration of physical, earth and space, and life sciences. Its interactive content sets students on the path to becoming science thinkers, according to the announcement.


Aha!Science helps teachers reinforce the scientific process with inquiry-driven exploration and engages students to apply what they are learning in games and simulations. Online journaling gives teachers a tool to build cross-curricular activities and lets them clearly see how well students understand important scientific concepts.


A flexible design supports whole class, small group, and individual student learning. Aha!Science content is aligned to National Science Education Standards and state science standards.’s solutions are built on an instructional model designed to maximize student learning. The model features:

* Multisensory experiences – visual, auditory, and interactive – to allow for richer, more complete learning.

* Opportunities for students to model and hone their new skills.

* Digital coaches that support students with multiple levels of immediate feedback and instructional support.

* Content designed to be relevant to students’ lives, with humor and a sense of playfulness that in combination lead to motivated and engaged learners.

* Context for learning experiences, giving students a clear understanding of how and when they would apply their knowledge and skills to solve problems.

* Game-based learning, all within real-world contexts that students find relevant and interesting, and that include opportunities for students to apply specific learning strategies and build their problem-solving skills.


For more information and to see sample curriculum, visit Educators can receive 25 percent off their order of Aha!Science for orders placed by June 30. customers can receive 50 percent off their order, provided they are a customer as of March 31, 2009.


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