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Learn2Earn Releases Study Results on Whooo's Reading Online Platform

Posted Oct 19, 2015
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Learn2Earn has released results of its analysis of its Whooo’s Reading online platform. After a year of using the online platform, elementary students at all grade levels read books with significantly higher text complexity, as determined by Lexile measures, than at the start of that year. The data came from more than 2,700 students who used the platform during the 2014-15 school year.

The data was drawn from a sample of students in grades one through five who had used Whooo’s Reading consistently from October 2014 through March 2015. The increase in text complexity was particularly pronounced for students who began the school year reading books that were below-grade level difficulty. For example, the books read by struggling third grade readers increased in text complexity by a little over 300L on average while books chosen by normal to strong readers in that grade level only increased by an average of about 120L.

After students use Whooo’s Reading to log their fiction and nonfiction books, as well as minutes spent reading, teachers can preselect a prompt for students to have the option to answer a Common Core-aligned question. The platform adds a gamification element by awarding Wisdom Coins based on the amount of minutes logged and their answer to the comprehension question. Students then use those coins to “buy” virtual accessories from the platform’s Owl Store and customize the owl avatars (called Owlvatars) assigned to them on their initial registration. Teachers grade students’ answers, provide feedback either publicly or privately, and review the reading ability progress for both individual students and the class as a whole. Whooo’s Reading includes a social aspect that allows students to share book recommendations as well as comments each other’s book reviews.

Source: Learn2Earn,

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