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LeapFrog Launches Interactive Web Site to Showcase New FLY Pentop Computer

Posted Jul 28, 2005
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LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc. has launched an interactive, video-based Web site to showcase the company's soon-to-be-shipping FLY pentop computer (see LeapFrog Enterprises Introduces FLY Pentop Computer). The new Web site at was specifically designed for tweens, to engage, entertain, and educate them about the features of the new FLY pentop computer. With four video-based tween hosts, the site interacts directly with the users and allows them to see the product in action and use it onscreen the same way they would use it on FLY paper.

Applications launching on the new Web site include FLYTones, a music application where users draw instruments on paper and then play them; and Scheduler, a calendar that records and reminds users about upcoming events by writing them on paper. Both Web-based applications allow users to e-mail information to friends, and FLYTones allows users to send finished music compositions to others online. Coming in the next few weeks to the Live on the FLY Web site are applications such as Flyball, an interactive baseball trading card game, and Calculator, an application that allows users to draw a calculator and then use it.

The new Web site also features the Great FLY Invasion Sweepstakes, offering tweens a chance to win one of 1,000 FLY pentop computers, or other prizes.

The FLY platform is designed to bring computer interactivity to the most ubiquitous and user-friendly tool of all, pen and paper. It is the first consumer electronics device to give users real-time audio feedback as they write and draw on special FLY paper, making what the user writes come to life, the announcement states. For instance, a FLY pentop computer user can draw a calculator, touch the handwritten digits and functions to perform an operation -- then hear the answer announced from the FLY pentop computer. A user can also draw a piano keyboard or drum set and play it.

The FLY pentop computer will be available in mid-October at a suggested retail price of $99; FLY accessories and applications will have a suggested retail price range from $4.99 to $34.99.

Source: LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.,

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