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Knowledge Adventure Launches Knowledge Adventure Academy—Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

Posted Jun 27, 2007
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Knowledge Adventure has launched a new research-based vocabulary building program, Knowledge Adventure Academy –Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension.

Knowledge Adventure Academy–Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension contains a Learning Zones Placement Test that places individual students at the level where they will learn and retain new words most rapidly. The software also provides 2,400 explicitly leveled vocabulary words that build background knowledge and contribute to improved reading comprehension. These “Core Literacy” vocabulary words are reinforced with high-quality audio pronunciations of all words and definitions.

The software’s TargetScores! Motivation & Mastery system encourages repetition via an activity-based Visual Learning Path that helps students achieve mastery and long-term retention. Students participate in vocabulary activities promoting word to definition understanding, words in context, and definition to word comprehension. Teachers are able to print out the vocabulary words and passages to practice fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.

Once students have mastered the vocabulary activities, the program moves them into the reading comprehension section featuring a Vocabulary-Based Reading Selector that uses students’ vocabulary performance to guide them to reading passages at the appropriate level of difficulty. The TargetScores! Motivation and Mastery System also aids comprehension by its encouragement of repeated reading. In addition, the program guides students with contextual hints on reading strategies such as main idea, facts, inference, and sequencing.

In addition to building students’ vocabulary and reading fluency, Knowledge Adventure Academy–Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension encourages good reading habits with features such as an Active Reading Window that helps break the habit of backtracking by training students to read passages in “chunks” rather than word by word, and by constantly moving the eye forward.

The program runs on Windows XP 2000 or 2003 as well as Macintosh OS X 10.4 systems, and sells for $6,250 for a building license, for up to 500 students.

Source: Knowledge Adventure,

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