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Knowledge Adventure Joins WeAreTeachers as an Affiliate Partner

Posted Nov 26, 2007
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Knowledge Adventure has announced it is now an affiliate partner of WeAreTeachers, a new online teaching, learning, and business network, to boost marketing opportunities for its instructional products.

WeAreTeachers provides a knowledge marketplace where teachers can use personal profiles that they create to price and sell their own content such as lesson plans or video-based instruction. These network members can also make qualified recommendations of vendor-offered products and services found in the WeAreTeachers Knowledge Marketplace online catalog. Educator members make a profit when recommended items are purchased by another member through the recommender’s WeAreTeacher personal marketplace. Additionally, all members have access to Web 2.0 technologies including blogs, forums, and video communications, which can be used to share ideas and opinions.

 Scheduled for a launch in the fall of 2007, WeAreTeachers will provide educators with tiered-level access to its knowledge marketplace, offering the choice of free or subscription-based participation.

Source: Knowledge Adventure,

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