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Knowledge Adventure Announces Web Chameleon

Posted Jan 25, 2008
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Knowledge Adventure has announced Knowledge Adventure Web Chameleon , a web-based program that enables students to collaboratively or independently create and publish simple to sophisticated presentations, newsletters, websites, and other web projects.


Students use Web Chameleon to build webpages, or they can construct multiple pages to create a project or presentation. Using the program, students can artistically enhance their projects by incorporating media objects such as audio clips, video clips, images, shapes, text, and frames. Additionally, students can manipulate timing, fades, ticker tape, credit roll, and other flash-like effects to produce professional looking projects without having to learn or use HTML or Flash. Media objects can be made into buttons that allow the viewer to jump to other pages, play audio or video, or open other websites. When a project is ready for viewing, the student submits their project to the teacher who can simply click the publish button, generating a URL hosted by Knowledge Adventure. They then share the URL with appropriate individuals.


Students can log into Web Chameleon at any time from any computer that is connected to the internet. At any point during the project creation process, multiple users can collaborate on a project.


Pricing starts at $50 per year per student, and building licenses are available. For more information, visit


Source: Knowledge Adventure,

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