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Knovation Launches Professional Learning Program Leveraging netTrekker

Posted Nov 4, 2013
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Knovation has launched a new professional learning program for districts using netTrekker, Knovation’s flagship solution that delivers its digital resource library. The new professional learning program is available in many formats: online, interactive webinars, onsite sessions or custom packages. Participants will learn how to maximize the use of digital content to better address the new requirements and the depth and rigor of the Common Core State Standards.

The professional learning workshops leverage netTrekker’s recently updated digital resource library, redesigned interface and new, more friendly user experience. In addition to a netTrekker refresher session, specific sessions focus on English Language Arts and Mathematics. The English Language Arts session covers topics such as balancing informational and literacy texts, the staircase of text complexity and academic vocabulary, while the Mathematics session helps educators learn strategies to increase focus, build coherence and raise the level of rigor in lessons. Professional learning outcomes of the sessions include:

English Language Arts

· Quickly locate and share standards-aligned literary and informational texts at a variety of complexity levels

· Help students increase comprehension and gain confidence by expanding their vocabulary and making more complex text accessible with literacy support and reference tools

· Elevate the rigor and quality of instruction by creating cross-curricular lessons that utilize informational text such as ebooks, primary source documents, interactive media, articles and reference materials


· Narrow the scope of content and take students deeper into learning, helping them recognize math as a unified set of related concepts

· Support vertical learning progressions by accessing resources across grade levels to build on foundational knowledge

· Support student’s conceptual understanding and procedural skills of math, and their application in the real world

The various sessions are available for specific grade levels including Elementary (K-5), Middle (6-8) and High school (9-12). From now through December 31, Knovation is offering special pricing packages including two-hour online sessions for up to 10 participants for $995.00. Full-day, on-site sessions for up to 20 people are also available for $2,495.00 (including travel).

Source: Knovation,

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