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Knovation Launches Online Community for Educators

Posted May 3, 2012
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Knovation has announced the launch of its new online "connected learning" community, Know New Ideas (  A hub for professional learning support, education discussions and thought leadership, Know New Ideas is an online resource for educators who want to connect and learn with peers and other professionals who are interested in advancing the delivery of personalized learning and digital transformation at the classroom, school and district levels, states the announcement.

Stocked with original content and aggregated material, Know New Ideas is an interactive communication vehicle that provides an efficient method for viewing, commenting on, collaborating and sharing ideas and information with colleagues.  Members of the online community can:

  • Get inspiration from blogs and postings by regular educator contributors and other members.
  • Participate in webinars and events about education, innovation and technology.
  • Access product information and best practices from Knovation customers to help maximize the impact of powerful digital resources and tools in the classroom.
  • Create a professional digital profile space, including blogs, photos and information integrated with Facebook and Twitter.
  • Post discussions and questions where other educators in the community can react or respond.
  • Gain more visibility, awareness and responses by tweeting or posting comments outside of the community.
  • Invite others to join the conversation and share their wisdom.
  • Build a powerful Personal Learning Network with other educators around the country.
  • Access Knovation's team of expert educators.
  • Add apps from the social networking partners to foster more productivity, more information and more fun.
  • Have the opportunity to provide input on Knovation's product and service offerings through education research opportunities.

Membership to Know New Ideas is free. After pre-launching to Knovation's current customer base, the online community has already attracted more than 2,000 members. Know New Ideas has six regular contributors from Knovation's team including Lynn Ochs, director of professional learning; Steve Nordmark, chief academic officer; Dawn Crawford, manager of social and education based marketing; Duane Crowe, curriculum content manager; Kathy Frye, curriculum content manager and Melissa Knollman, marketing coordinator.  For more information or to access Know New Ideas, visit

Source: Knovation,


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