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Knovation (Formerly netTrekker) Launches icurio Digital Curriculum Content Solution

Posted Feb 7, 2012
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Knovation has announced the unveiling of its newest product, icurio, a digital curriculum content solution for personalized learning.  The icurio solution is designed to break down barriers to learning and transform the way teachers teach and students learn in a modern-day educational environment, according to the announcement.

The introduction of icurio comes on the heels of Knovation's corporate transformation announcement, which reflects a new name and broadening vision for the company formerly known as netTrekker. Knovation's icurio enables districts to bridge from fixed traditional content to flexible digital content that can be targeted to meet the unique needs of learners across the learning continuum.  A digital curriculum content solution that delivers a collection of 330,000 digital learning resources aligned to state and Common Core standards, icurio provides teachers more time and flexibility to engage students and address their individual needs and gives students the content and tools they need to take charge of their own learning, the announcement states.

Designed to support districts on the print-to-digital transition and to empower teachers as they transform their classrooms to an engaging, learner-centered environment, icurio gives teachers the time and flexibility to create lessons that target individual student needs, reducing barriers to learning and improving achievement.  icurio empowers teachers with:

  • 330,000+ digital learning resources aligned with state and Common Core standards and a content organization framework that allows for curriculum planning and daily lesson planning for the district, school, classroom, and the individual student.
  • Digital content from leading providers, including BrainPOP, Defined STEM, National Science Teachers Association, Learnetic Math and Science, Weekly Reader Express and more for teaching all K-12 curriculum subjects.
  • A learner-centered solution that helps teachers and students effectively use technology in learning.
  • A wide variety of tools and techniques to get students back on track.
  • Engaging resources to help students feel excited about learning and easy access to problem-solving, small group and individualized activities to support the curriculum.

Using personalized learning tools such as the Read Aloud text-to-speech feature for auditory support and the dictionary/translation tool, icurio aims to enable students to become independent learners, improve comprehension and attain a higher level of success.  icurio's personalized learning features allow students to:

  • Build and organize content collections on their own for homework and projects or access specific topic-based content that is organized and prepared by their teachers to address their individual learning needs.
  • Connect with information in different formats such as videos, text, time-based resources and images.
  • Make learning fun with educator-selected learning games and interactive online experiences, including a selected Game of the Week.
  • Access customized ELL/ESL features that build vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills.
  • Extend learning beyond the classroom and beyond the school day with 24/7 web-based access from school or home.

Each icurio subscription includes a professional learning plan that is co-developed as part of every school or district implementation plan.

icurio utilizes the standards alignment services of Academic Benchmarks, the premier provider of comprehensive standards-based K-12 educational databases, alignment tools, and integration products.

To learn more about icurio, visit

Source: Knovation,


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