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Kickboard Publishes White Paper Detailing How Student Data Can Be Used To Create More Effective Learning Environments

Posted Feb 26, 2014
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Kickboard has announced the publication of a new white paper titled “Instructional Management Solutions: Creating a High-Performing School Climate by Capturing, Analyzing and Acting Upon 360-Degree Student Data.” The paper can be accessed at:

The paper explores the variety of data points educators should collect and analyze, so as to make instructional decisions based on a “360-degree” understanding of the whole child. It also examines the obstacles to acquiring and understanding those data points, and how instructional management systems can simplify the process by integrating and organizing the data to make it easy to understand, act upon and share.

The Kickboard instructional management solution is a central hub of classroom data, where teachers can collect, analyze and share student grades, standards mastery, rubric observations, attendance, behavior and more. The platform’s teacher-centric design and dashboards provide easy-to-understand, actionable information to better drive instructional decisions. With real-time data and a global, holistic view of each child, teachers can directly impact students’ academic performance and behavior, and create more effective, engaged learning environments.

Source: Kickboard,

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