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Key Curriculum Press Releases Second Edition of Interactive Mathematics Program

Posted Dec 22, 2008
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Key Curriculum Press has announced the release of the second edition of the Interactive Mathematics Program (IMP). The four-year integrated high school mathematics curriculum, designed and field-tested with support from the National Science Foundation, helps teachers lead their students to success in mathematics, the announcement states.


The IMP is an integrated, problem-based curriculum that offers challenging content and emphasizes mathematical reasoning. IMP's approach helps students learn to think creatively and critically, and teaches them to draw from many areas of mathematics to solve real-life problems, according to the announcement. During this process, IMP students acquire a number of transferable life-enriching skills, ranging from working in groups to expressing ideas orally and in writing. Studies show that compared to students in traditional mathematics high school courses, IMP students have significantly higher overall grade point averages and score as well or better on standardized tests such as the SAT.


The new edition of IMP Year 1 helps educators immediately challenge, engage, and focus their students, the announcement states. Revised to better help an educator prepare their students for algebra-based standardized tests, Year 1 provides a broader introduction to algebra and more formal work with linear functions and algebraic symbol manipulation. In addition, the second edition offers an online Teacher's Guide with printable resources, sample lesson plans, and advice from other educators.


For more information on the IMP and Key Curriculum Press, visit

Source: Key Curriculum Press,

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