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Key Curriculum Press Debuts Sketchpad Explorer for the iPad

Posted Aug 4, 2011
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Key Curriculum Press has announced the debut of Sketchpad Explorer, an iPad app offering an intuitive environment for exploring Dynamic Geometry mathematics. Sketchpad Explorer gives users access to the library of The Geometer's Sketchpad mathematics content on the web-including Sketch Exchange, the Sketchpad Resource Center and dozens of teacher-published websites-where they can view and share sketches across a diverse range of mathematics topics and levels.

In addition to providing unlimited access to a user's own and others' Sketchpad documents, Sketchpad Explorer comes with ready-made explorations, in which learners can dynamically manipulate visual mathematical representations to investigate and generalize their understanding of fundamental concepts in elementary mathematics, geometry, algebra, trigonometry and even calculus. Sketchpad users can also create and share documents with and for their iPad using iTunes File Sharing.

Sketchpad Explorer comes with many features that help further mathematical discovery and teaching. Touch indicators (accessible from the Settings menu) visibly track up to 11 finger locations on the iPad screen, which is especially useful when projecting the iPad screen to viewers who cannot see the presenter's hands. Users can double-tap a digital picture to resize or replace it with an image from the clipboard, their photo album, or their iPad 2 camera. As with other apps, you can drag the background with two fingers to scroll, and pinch to zoom for closer exploration. Users can also listen to sine waves by dragging x to change the frequency and the amplitude. Users of The Geometer's Sketchpad on desktop computers can create and design mathematical sketches that can be shared with iPad users by email or over the web. Sketchpad Explorer will be available for free until September 1, 2011, after which date the price per unit will be $3.99.

Sketchpad Explorer connects directly to Sketch Exchange, a free, online community for sharing Sketchpad activities, tips, questions and ideas. Visitors to the site can browse sketches by grade level, topic or tag. A discussion forum is also available for Sketchpad users to encourage the exchange of best practices and new models for learning. In the forum, users can find helpful guidelines for iPad sketch design. For more information, visit

The Sketchpad Resource Center at offers sample activities to help instructors teach a wide range of mathematical topics, from counting techniques for third graders to calculus applications and beyond. The site provides a wealth of information, including tips for getting started with Sketchpad, access to technical support, libraries of sketches, user groups, links to presentations and related news and websites.

Source: Key Curriculum Press,

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