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Key Curriculum Press Bundles Sketchpad with Sketchpad LessonLink

Posted Sep 16, 2010
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Key Curriculum Press has announced the launch of the Sketchpad Bundle. The company is offering The Geometer's Sketchpad and Sketchpad LessonLink together at one rate, combining the latest version of Sketchpad with access to Dynamic Mathematics activities aligned to state standards and Common Core State Standards.

Teachers can choose the grade, content strand, standard, or lesson they want to teach, and Sketchpad LessonLink will identify activities tailored to their lesson plan. In addition, Sketchpad and Sketchpad LessonLink help teachers meet the Common Core State Standards, as Dynamic Mathematics software is cited in the standards as a strategic tool.

Sketchpad offers students in grades three through college a tangible, visual way to learn mathematics that increases their engagement and understanding, the announcement states. The software can be used from elementary to middle school, and all the way through Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Precalculus, and Calculus.

Sketchpad LessonLink is an online library of more than 500 Sketchpad activities designed to help teachers integrate Sketchpad into their curricula. Teachers can publish activities and instructions to a Student Web Page that students may access from school or home. Plus, Sketchpad LessonLink enables teachers to establish a network for exchanging activities.

Key Curriculum Press is offering two versions of the Sketchpad Bundle. The School and Home Bundle offers Sketchpad on all school-owned computers at less than half price, Sketchpad LessonLink for all teachers for three years, with the third year free, and student access to Sketchpad at home for a discounted rate. The School Bundle offers Sketchpad on all school-owned computers at a 50 percent discount, and Sketchpad LessonLink for all teachers for three years, with the third year free.

For more information about the Sketchpad Bundle, visit

Source: Key Curriculum Press,

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