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Kelso’s Choice Website Provides Resources for Teaching Conflict Management Skills

Posted Apr 6, 2011
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Cerebellum Corporation has developed the Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills program website to make this popular conflict resolution program available to educators nationwide. Kelso's Choice is an acclaimed curriculum that aids in the development of elementary students' emotional growth. This educational website ( was created to provide counselors and teachers with ample resources to effectively teach conflict management skills.

The Kelso's Choice website features downloadable activities, lesson plans, grant writing resources and information about how to schedule training. The website will also operate as a networking resource for educators to collaborate and share creative ideas for implementation.

Based on the premise that each child is smart enough and strong enough to resolve conflict, Kelso's Choice Conflict Management Skills program is a powerful tool that equips young people with techniques to differentiate between manageable problems and those that require adult intervention. Using a child-friendly frog named Kelso as the guide, the program teaches elementary and special needs students nine easy-to-recall ways to mediate difficult situations. Kelso's Choice is aligned with ASCA National Frameworks, has been implemented in all 50 states and 11 foreign countries, and is heavily advocated by a growing network of schools and community groups.

The Kelso's Choice Complete Kit ($349) includes a Leaders Guide, Willow Pond Story Book, Kelso's Choice DVD, Kelso's Choice Full-Color Posters, Counseling Ball, and Kelso Frog Puppet. Select components may be purchased separately. For complete product details, visit or Cerebellum's website at

Source: Cerebellum Corporation,

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