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Jones e-Global Library launches ‘College Ready’ Edition of Online Library

Posted Jun 29, 2012
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Jones e-Global Library has announced the launch of the 9-12 College Ready Edition of their online library. e-Global Library provides an online library solution for schools that may not have traditional brick and mortar libraries. For those schools that do have existing libraries, e-Global Library enriches the student's learning capability and provides online research experience critical for college preparation, according to the announcement.

e-Global Library's College Ready Edition provides students and teachers with a 21st Century research and learning tool that supports traditional studies and college preparatory efforts.  Much like a conventional library, e-Global Library allows students to research, access resources for specific courses, and collaborate. Unlike a conventional library, students are able to access the library site from any location with an internet connection 24/7. Articles, ebooks, journals, lessons and more are readily available for students at any time. With e-Global Library, students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with online learning, research tools and practices that will prepare them for college and beyond.

e-Global Library has served as a library solution  for higher-education institutions since 1999.  The 9-12 College Ready Edition is a new product offering and is currently in use by Liberty Common High School, a charter school based in Fort Collins, Colorado. 

Source: Jones e-Global Library,

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