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Interwrite Learning Updates Interwrite Pad

Posted Jun 27, 2007
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Interwrite Learning, manufacturer of Interwrite Interactive Classroom products, has announced updates to the Interwrite Pad wireless classroom pad. It now features an improved look and feel and includes Interwrite Workspace, the company’s next generation teaching software for the digital classroom.

Interwrite Pad is a Bluetooth wireless device that allows teachers to create an interactive whiteboard on any surface in their classroom. It gives teachers the freedom to move among their students, while being able to interact with their lesson materials projected at the front of the classroom using a standard digital projector, according to the announcement. Interwrite Pad provides both remote access and control of the teacher’s computer, in addition to lesson materials. When the Interwrite Pad is passed to students, it allows them to become directly engaged in the lesson without having to leave their seats. Multiple pads can be used in the same classroom to further increase student engagement and participation.

Every Interwrite Pad now includes Workspace, a next generation teaching program for the digital classroom. Current Interwrite Pad users can upgrade their system free of charge by visiting Workspace provides teachers with over 4,000 digital teaching resources suitable for kindergarten to 12th grade classrooms. It  features the Interwrite Sims, an extensive library of educational Flash files that can be embedded into any lesson. These instructive animations and simulations engage students with movement, motion, and interactivity. Workspace also includes access to Interwrite’s online lesson library that includes hundreds of teacher created lessons. Using an in-page search tool, Workspace users can search by subject, grade and/or state.

Source: Interwrite Learning,

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