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Inspiration Software to Offer New Hands-On Professional Development Workshops

Posted Oct 19, 2011
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Inspiration Software, Inc. has announced new hands-on professional development workshops focused on using visual thinking and learning strategies to improve student achievement. The three-hour, on-site workshops will help participants increase their knowledge of visual learning concepts and techniques, as well as how to apply these techniques to increase students' critical thinking, planning, organization, outlining and writing skills.

In addition, participants will develop their own skills for using Inspiration Software's thinking tools, Inspiration 9, Kidspiration 3 and Webspiration Classroom, to teach. Each workshop is led by an Inspiration Software certified trainer who guides participants in exploring ways to use visual thinking and learning instructional strategies with their elementary, middle or high school students, integrating technology into the curriculum and becoming proficient users of Inspiration 9, Kidspiration 3 or Webspiration Classroom.

Participating teachers will learn how to tap the power of active visual learning to help students better analyze, synthesize and demonstrate their understanding, as well as increase their knowledge of visual learning concepts and techniques and how to apply those techniques to help students learn.

Inspiration Software is offering the workshops to schools and districts in two sessions of three hours, with a maximum of 25 participants per session. Each full day of training - two sessions - is $3,200. Designed to be hands-on, the workshops are most effective when each participant has access to a personal computer and the featured Inspiration Software tool being used.

For more information, contact Inspiration Software at (800) 877-4292 or

Source: Inspiration Software,

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