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Inspiration Software Introduces Visual Mapping for iPad

Posted Jan 25, 2012
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Inspiration Software, Inc., has announced the introduction of Inspiration Diagrams bringing visual mapping and outlining to the iPad. This spring, Inspiration Diagrams will join the company's family of tools based on proven learning methodologies that help students and educators think, learn, brainstorm, analyze and write, the announcement states.

With Inspiration Diagrams, students in grades 6-12 will improve their comprehension, critical-thinking and writing skills across the curriculum. Students can use the same mind-mapping and outlining tools they already know from Inspiration and Webspiration Classroom, such as RapidFire, to create visual diagrams and outlines that help them clarify thoughts, organize and analyze information, integrate new knowledge and learn to think critically.

When students create visual diagrams and plan projects with Inspiration Diagrams, they learn and demonstrate critical-thinking skills, cross-curricular literacy and writing skills that are delineated in the new, widely adopted Common Core State Standards.

Inspiration Diagrams Lite, an abridged version of Inspiration Diagrams, will be available for free in the App Store in March. Inspiration Diagrams will be available for purchase for $29.95 for a single download in April. Pricing for volume purchases will be available by contacting Inspiration Software at

Source: Inspiration Software,

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