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Inspiration Launches Inspired Learning Community

Posted Jun 25, 2007
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At the 2007 National Educational Computing Conference, Inspiration Software launched its new online Inspired Learning Community for educators who want to inspire their students to excel with visual thinking and learning. Developed as part of the company's year-long celebration of its 25th anniversary, this new site,, offers educators a place to discover and share ideas and resources for effectively using Inspiration Software's visual learning products to develop students' critical thinking skills across the curriculum.

Designed to advance the use of visual learning at all age levels and in all subjects, the Inspired Learning Community offers free membership and is open to all educators. While visitors are welcome to browse all areas of the site, Inspired Members enjoy additional benefits, such as being able to download lessons and upload and share their own ideas, start and participate in discussions in the "Forum," and read and post comments on the site's blog.

On the "Lesson and Ideas" pages, visitors and members can browse a continually growing library of diagrams, databases, and plots for use in different lessons across the curriculum. Members can download from the library, or upload and share the innovative ways they use Inspiration, Kidspiration, and InspireData to help their students.

The regularly updated pages on the blog in the site's "What's New" area offer news, topics, opinions, and information on the latest trends in visual learning, education, and technology, as well as updates on what is happening at Inspiration Software. In the "Forum," members can communicate with other inspired educators by starting or participating in discussions on topics ranging from successful uses of visual learning to trends in education technology.

To visit the Inspired Learning Community and become a member, go to

Source: Inspiration Software, Inc.,

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