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Inspiration 9 Unveiled by Inspiration Software

Posted Jan 6, 2010
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Inspiration Software, Inc., has unveiled Inspiration 9. With the ninth generation of its flagship software, the announcement states, the company is taking the proven ways that visual learning builds critical-thinking skills and improves student achievement in new directions, making the visual learning tool even more powerful. New capabilities in Inspiration 9, such as support for creating presentations and additional visual learning methodologies, provide an essential framework for thinking and help students develop 21st century skills.

New in Inspiration is the Presentation Manager, which students use to create organized presentations to communicate their knowledge and work. The Presentation Manager automatically creates bulleted slides and graphics from a student's diagram, mind map, or outline. Students use this as the starting point to build their oral presentation and handouts and then add slides, speaker notes, talking points, graphics, video, and sound to emphasize their points. Inspiration 9 ships with ready-made professional quality themes to develop a visually appealing presentation, or students can create their own themes to personalize their presentations. Once their presentation is complete, they can play it directly from Inspiration or from any Macintosh or Windows computer using the free Inspiration Presenter.

Inspiration also features a new visual view, Map View, which allows students to create and think in mind maps, another visual learning methodology that promotes better understanding of relationships and connections among ideas. Mind maps capture information in a natural, free- flowing style. With Map View, students build visual models, adding ideas branching off a central topic with just one click, and reorganize ideas by simply grafting one branch to another. Graphic images, colors and fonts allow learners to embellish, differentiate and emphasize their ideas. As with idea maps, concept maps, graphic organizers and other diagrams created with Inspiration, the process of building a mind map is fluid and visual, complementing the natural way that students think and expand on ideas, according to the announcement. Mind maps can be instantly transformed into outlines to support the writing process.

Inspiration 9 also provides:

More visual learning support in Diagram View to strengthen understanding, retention and communication:
§ New symbol libraries designed to support curriculum
§ A convenient way to label concept map links using common Linking Phrases to explain relationships easily
§ The ability to lock items so teachers can keep content in templates in place and be sure they aren't moved or deleted by students

More capabilities for organizing, outlining and writing in Outline View:
§ Students can now see symbols and link text in their outlines to make visual/written connections and to see additional relationships and connections between topics.
§ Multiple outline topics can be instantly combined into one topic using Combine Topics.
§ Long topics that contain multiple ideas can be quickly broken apart into separate topics using the Break Apart command.
§ Word and page requirements can be met with the new Word Count tool.

Through a special introductory offer available until June 30, 2010, upgrades to Inspiration 9 are available at a 55 percent savings over the regular suggested education price. Single license upgrades can be purchased for $29.95.

Under regular education pricing, single copies of Inspiration 9 are $69; five-computer license packs are $310; 10-computer license packs are $550; and 20-computer license packs are $895. Additional pricing is available for site licenses and larger volume purchases and upgrades. For a free 30-day trial of Inspiration 9, visit More information about Inspiration is available at

Source: Inspiration Software, Inc.,

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