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Infobase Learning Announces the Launch of Chelsea House Biographies Online

Posted Sep 25, 2012
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Infobase Learning has announced the launch of Chelsea House Biographies Online, a new one-stop resource for all the biography needs of middle and high school students. This new database features a wealth of up-to-date, book-length biographies from Chelsea House, a publisher of biographies in the school and library market, covering a wide range of core-curriculum and high-interest subject categories. All biographies have been updated and shaped for this product, and content is updated weekly.

Chelsea House Biographies Online presents important, influential, and interesting personalities in the United States and the world-both contemporary and historical subjects, from world leaders and famed explorers to popular celebrities and key figures from various cultural backgrounds. The interface offers multiple browse options, Search Assist technology when searching by name, and dynamic search filters to narrow results. Each in-depth biography is broken down into easy-to-read chapters; most include a timeline, an image gallery, and sidebars offering additional facts about the subject's life and related experiences. The "Resources for Writing a Report" covers writing tips to assist student researchers.


  • In-depth biographies: book-length biographies (approximately 20,000 to 30,000 words each) providing accounts of the lives of key people across all eras and professions-an appropriate length for book reports and other assignments; new biographies added regularly

  • "Learn More About" sidebars: informative looks at related topics or interesting subjects

  • Timelines: event-by-event listings of major life highlights

  • Multiple browse views: browsable by collections such as Asian Americans of Achievement, Football Superstars, or Leaders of the Civil War Era; by occupation; by time period; by gender; or by A-to-Z listing

  • User-friendly search: two-tiered search results, organized first by name for biography results and then by in-text results for users looking for additional material; dynamic search filter options

  • "Resources for Writing a Report": useful writing tips-such as How to Write a Biography Report, How to Improve Your Writing, How to Use a Timeline, and more-in one easy-to-access location

  • Image galleries: carefully selected images with captions

  • Featured biographies at the top of the home page, changing with each month's new theme

  • iPad-friendly design

  • Google Translate tool

  • Search Assist technology

  • Persistent record links

  • Dynamic citations in MLA and Chicago Manual of Style formats, as well as a "How to Cite" link that includes information on APA style.

For ordering, pricing, or other information, please contact our Online Sales Department at

Source: Infobase Learning,

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