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ISTE Updates “Spreadsheet Magic”

Posted Aug 13, 2006
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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) released the second edition of the book, "Spreadsheet Magic" by Pamela Lewis.

The updated version includes dozens of new lessons and activities designed to demonstrate the flexibility and effectiveness of the spreadsheet as a teaching tool in K-12 classrooms.

Among the features: ideas for using spreadsheets in K-6 classrooms, an introduction to the basic functions and capabilities of spreadsheet software, step-by-step activity descriptions keyed to the NETS*S and content area standards, teaching tips to enhancing thinking skills, a CD-ROM with a set of modifiable lesson templates and samples, 40 lesson plans for K-6, and suggestions for lesson preparation, assessment and instructional support.

Although the book provides detailed instructions for using Excel spreadsheets, the activities can be used with any spreadsheet program.

The price is $35.95 for ISTE members and $39.95 for non-members. Additional information, including chapter excerpts and ordering information, can be found online at

ISTE, 800/336-5191 or

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