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ISTE Publishes NETS*S Resources for Student Assessment

Posted Feb 16, 2006
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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) has published a new book, NETS*S: Resources for Student Assessment, by M.G. (Peggy) Kelly, Ed.D., and Jon Haber. The book is a comprehensive guide for measuring students' ability to use technology effectively for learning. Although many kids today are surfing the Web, instant-messaging their friends, blogging, and gaming, some still may not be developing the technology skills necessary for educational, career, and civic success in the 21st century, the ISTE announcement states.

Using NETS-based strategies and tools, NETS*S: Resources for Student Assessment provides detailed guidelines for creating and choosing reliable tests of technology literacy for various grades, as well as case studies and best practices at the site, district, and state levels.

Covering best practices in both embedded assessment and standardized, performance-based testing, the book demonstrates that technology assessment can be a powerful tool for enhancing student performance when thoughtfully integrated into larger curricular goals.

NETS*S: Resources for Student Assessment offers the following features:

* Detailed NETS*S performance rubrics designating technology competency targets for Grades 2, 5, 8, and 12
* Models for creating classroom assessments of student technology use as well as case studies of large-scale assessment initiatives
* Comprehensive survey of technology assessment concepts and options

The book is intended for K-12 teachers; campus-, district-, and cabinet-level administrators and policy makers; teacher educators and staff developers; education researchers; and technology coordinators.

Material presented in NETS*S: Resources for Student Assessment assumes a basic knowledge of the NETS for Students and education technology.

NETS*S: Resources for Student Assessment may be purchased online for $35.95 for ISTE members and $39.95 for nonmembers. More information about the book, as well as a free downloadable excerpt and the table of contents are available at

The National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) Project was initiated by ISTE's Accreditation and Professional Standards Committee. The primary goals of the NETS Project are to enable stakeholders in PK-12 education to develop and implement national standards for technology-literate students and the educational uses of technology that facilitate school improvement. The NETS Project developed the standards for students and teachers highlighted in NETS for Students and NETS for Teachers, and facilitated the Technology Standards for School Administrators Project.

Source: International Society for Technology in Education,

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