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ISTE Ed Tech Standards: The Next Generation

Posted Jun 28, 2007
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The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) unveiled an update to its National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S) at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in Atlanta.

The update was developed through the NET*S Refresh Project, which invited feedback from students and major stakeholders via town hall meetings convened throughout the country during the past year. The project included participation from 50 states and 22 countries, including China, Costa Rica, Egypt, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia.

Globalization emerged as a key new factor during the comment period. The new standards, grouped into six “buckets,” are:

-creativity and innovation,
-communication and collaboration,
-research and information fluency,
-critical thinking
-problem solving and decision making,
-digital citizenship, and
-technology operations and concept.

“The first set of standards was about learning to use technology. This set is about using technology to learn,” said David Barr, a retired educator and member of ISTE’s Accreditation and Standards committee.

ISTE launched a similar update project for its NETS for Teachers on June 24 at NECC. A refresh project for NETS for Administrators will be launched in 2008.

The NETS*S update appears online at

ISTE, 800/336-5191 or  

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