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HOSTS Learning Announces IntelliPath Instructional Management System

Posted Oct 3, 2007
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HOSTS Learning has announced the launch of IntelliPath, a customizable instructional management tool that enables educators to create in-depth, individual learning paths for students by combining assessment results, standards-aligned instruction, lesson planning, educational content, and reporting into one comprehensive system.

IntelliPath’s power lies in the generation of individual learning paths for accelerated improvement, the announcement states. First, assessment data from various sources – formative assessments, state tests, and norm-referenced tests – are imported into the system. Next, IntelliPath uses that data to identify curriculum gaps, align a school’s existing instructional resources with each targeted learning need, and make recommendations for optimal, personalized instruction. More than 50,000 potential core and supplemental curriculum and learning resources are part of the IntelliPath system, including basal texts, supplemental resources, software, and customized district or school curriculums.

The system delivers just-in-time information in a variety of customizable reports so that administrators, teachers, and parents can manage students’ learning needs in the classroom or in prescribed one-on-one mentoring sessions. The reports can track day-to-day mastery of state standards performance at the district, school, class, group, and individual student levels, performance on specific assessments and progress checks, and historical performance on standards and objectives.

The IntelliPath implementation supports an onsite and online professional development component as well. Teachers are given customized modules that address five core competencies required to ensure individual student and school-wide success: instructional leadership, data-driven decision making, implementation of best practices, differentiating instruction, and strategies for supporting struggling learners.

To learn more about IntelliPath or HOSTS Learning, go to

Source: HOSTS Learning,

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